The speed of your internet connection can be affected by a number of things, most commonly the uncontrollable factors of distance and quality of copper line between your house and your local exchange. 

There are, however, many things you can do to ensure your internet speed is maximised. Please try the following:

1. Switch your modem off, wait a minute then switch it back on. Wait for the modem to reboot and then try the speed again.

2. Perform an isolation test by connecting your modem directly to the wall telephone socket and removing all other telephony equipment in your house (including the filter). Conduct a speed test and see if it has improved things. If this works, there is another device creating noise on the phone line and affecting speed - make sure all of your filters are working properly and installed on all telephony equipment.

3. Try using ethernet if you are testing on a wired connection - it may be a wireless network issue.

Slow speeds can also be a result of other applications or programs installed on your computer. Here are a few things you can check to minimise this possibility:

1. Update your anti-virus software

2. Run a full anti-virus and anti-spyware scan on your computer.

3. Conduct a speed test on an alternate computer and compare results.

4. Avoid locating your modem near other electrical equipment (tv / dvd / radio / external hard drive / speakers). These can cause noise on the line decreasing speed.

5. If available, try connecting with an alternate modem and testing speed with this.