If your Tellnet bill includes a charge for 'T1000 Handset' or 'Handset Rental' it is because you are renting a home phone handset from Telstra. This is a charge that comes directly from Telstra and will have been there for some time. 

Often these charges go unnoticed and can occur when a previous occupant of a house moves out and takes the phone with them - in this case Telstra will continue to charge the account at the address.

If you would like to stop this rental charge, there are a number of options:

1. If you have a Telstra home phone handset you can return it to your local Telstra Store who will take it and give you a reference number. Give us the reference number and we will organise for Telstra to stop charging you this fee.

2. If you do not have a handset then please give us a call and we will put a request to Telstra to discontinue the charge.